Wednesday, 31 December 2008

More cold, more snot.

To PB (8m), 1 hr 15mins.

Running will be so much easier when I can breathe!!! The idea of getting into my LBD for celebrations tonight keeps me going.
My aural cavity is too big for my earplugs today, gave up on music and ran in snotty peace.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Back to work

To PB (36m), back to HB (53m) to sainsburys (70m), 8 miles.

Tough first run after Christmas, new watch is wicked though, controls Ipod too.

Wore knee pads, very achey. Snot leftovers from flu still, gunk in back of throat makes it hard to breath. Cold.

Feeling a serious need to detox- my pre run meal was a metre tube of popcorn..

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Injured! (Sponsor Me?? email)

 Dear friends,

I am sorry to do this to you with a credit crunch looming: your investments are giving a crap return, you lost your nest egg in Icesave, your flat isn't worth the appliances in your kitchen, and with euro parity threatening the winter skiing trip is going to cost a fortune.

It's Christmas, the largest shopping centre in Europe is begging to be visited and now, now Kate Rawson (she hasn't called for years...) is asking for sponsorship.

Take pity: she set up her justgiving page at the end of last week, promptly went out for a training run, and twisted her knee on cobbles. Lacking money/mobile/oyster card/common sense she vandalised a public payphone after it refused to reverse the charges to the only mobile number she knew off by heart.

She considered hitching, her request to use a stranger's phone was ignored by 3 nannies (this was on the Barnes/Sheen border). It was getting dark and cold.

Then inspiration came, Barnes/Sheen, Barnes/Sheen, doesn't a guardian angel live nearby? 30 minutes’ chilly walk later, fortune smiled and the angel friend was in!

But the damage had been done. 24 long hours of shivering, sweating, fainting, moaning influenza ensued and now she has lost her voice from coughing up bile.

Another training run is scheduled for friday. It will avoid cobbles. And money/mobile/oyster card will be coming too.

I know this is bad timing but I took a gamble on Christmas Spirit beating the need to buy presents...the marathon isn't until april so I will be sending plenty more begging emails before then!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your fiver will be greatly appreciated and make all the difference. And please feel free to forward the Just Giving address to anyone you think may want to sponsor me!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Committed (Justgiving page)

The day I heard that I had a place in the London Marathon I had eaten my usual breakfast of wholemeal toast with 4 squares of dark chocolate, I had devoured a cherry bakewell & milk (soya) for elevenses and mushy peas and chips for lunch.

I heard the big news and set off to see how fit I was, setting my iPhone GPS thingy to MapMyRun and stop me getting lost.

I got lost. But by virtue of going the unplanned long way round, managed 10 miles!

And I only vomited the chips!

Next day, couldn't walk. At least, only very slowly and on even terrain.
I couldn't run again for 5 days. And considered my training plan.
 26.2 miles is a loooooooong way...

5 weeks on I am kitted out in highly attractive breathable fabric the cupboards are stocked with isotonic drinks and slow releasing carbs, and I have a number of foolproof routes which follow the River Thames (God help the toddler/putney toff/illegal cyclist who gets in my path of a sunday morning), and am still terrified but buzzing with it!

SO, I will pursue, I will embarrass myself in lycra tights, I will train even with a hangover, and in the rain, and I might even give up smoking...All I am asking of you is to forget the recession and SPONSOR ME!!
I am running for Richard House, which is a Children's Hospice in East London. It provides care and support for life-limited and life-threatened children and their families, creating positive experiences which become good memories for the future. All of their services are provided free of charge, which means they need to raise £1.8 million in voluntary donations every year. My target is to raise the grand sum of £1800.

Please go to for more information.

So, watch this space for training updates. And look out for a red faced, day-glo cycling jacket clad, snotty, sweaty, but very happy jogger when you are strolling along the river bank, I always welcome a chance to stop! See blurb below on how this site works and then give those kids your cash!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Monday, 1 December 2008

10 comfortable miles, hurrah!

Putney bridge to Chiswick Bridge, 10miles!

Finally, made it back up to 10m, and without being ill! Wanna do at least 12m before christmas..

Towpath was flooded at Barnes. Hot hands. Listened to Manu Chao, beautiful sunset, all good.

1 and a half hours.