Saturday, 25 April 2009

1 day to go!!!!!

Ooooooo, this is it! The heat is on. Family have assembled, anxious muscles have been massaged, second skin is applied to toe, toenails are cut, bum bag is packed. I am instructed to eat lots and keep off my feet as much as poss. So I am lying on the sofa watching crappy films on ITV2. I have eaten every form of carb staple known to man today: 9am rice cakes; 10.30, toast; 1pm, salmon sandwich; 2pm pasta salad; 3pm, cous cous salad; 4.30, rice crispie square x 2; 6.30pm, soya bean salad; 9pm, stir fried brown rice. I am ftb, this part of my training I have taken VERY seriously, plus I am taking part in a lucozade nutrition survey, I think they will be impressed...

I don't feel so nervous today, the inevitability of the event has taken over and there is a calm in knowing that whatever I should have done that I haven't done is too late to consider now anyway. I am even going to treat myself to half a glass of wine in a mo. Don't hold out much hope for sleep tonight, managed an hour's nap this afternoon anyway...

Had a wee gander over the route, haven't done much homework on this but I like surprises. Have noted train times to Greenwich and packed my marathon sack full of just-in-case items. I just don't want to walk, whatever happens I want to RUN the marathon. I have had no significant injuries in training, now it is time to trust my body and go for it. 

So here we go...........................................AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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