Friday, 24 April 2009

2 days to go

I woke up at 6.12 this morning, sweating and panicking because the race had started and I wasn't wearing my trainers! Where were my trainers? By the time they were in place, along with the right socks, and I had reprimanded my dad for allowing me to forget such a vital piece of kit, I returned to the start line to find no-one there! I started regardless and soon came across a junction by a seaside pub. Still no runner in sight. Which way for the London Marathon? I ask. Nobody knows. Nobody cares. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

This is the tip of the iceberg of anxiety that has taken over my body. At least I managed a quality 6 hours' sleep.

The weather forecast is great, and I feel prepared in so many ways. But the little things niggle- the bloody toe injury inflicted on me by the New Balance stand at the expo, that's a brand of trainers I will never buy! And the case of the starting pen. I am right at the back- just ahead of the jogging bananas, and with the 11 minute mile pacer! 

I feel like the university graduate who has sweated blood and tears for that 2/1, but can't get a job for lack of experience! 

I am going to try to sneak into pen number 5, as suggested by a FLM employee yesterday. But I am anxious about it.

At least I am allowed to comfort eat.

Did my last training run along the Thames, added a few fast bursts to my easy jog, but the nerves were tenacious. I tried out my new Helly socklets (as recommended by a guy on the Sweat Shop stand yesterday), ridiculously it felt good on my left foot but not so comfortable on my right! So it seems I will be in oddsocks on sunday.Lovely and sunny. Next time I jog this familiar path I hope to be the proud owner of a marathon medal. I love running, I do.

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