Monday, 20 April 2009

Final begging attempt...

Does persistence pay?

Ok, so I get the point, you haven’t got a fiver and you haven’t got 5 minutes to register with Just Giving.

You definitely don’t have the energy to read more of Rawson’s running ramblings.

So I won’t ramble.
I will just tell you that a flock of butterflies have taken permanent residence on my solar plexus, and I can't sleep for nightmares about portaloos and lycra. I have a wedding, a funeral and 30 hours of historical romance to read in the 6 days now left before I run 26.2 miles in a red tutu. Nowt you nice people can do to aid that.

Additionally, I have £239.50 to raise before I am let off paying for my masochism, now there's your chance to flex your benevolent muscles.

How about £2 and 2 minutes?

No wordy pleasantries, just a simple instruction to visit NOW!

ta :) x

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