Thursday, 23 April 2009

Marathon Expo (3 days to go)

So, no running today, just a trip to the Marathon Expo at Excel to pick up my race number and microchip that goes on my trainers. I was a bit gutted to find I am in pen number 8- number 9 is furthest from the start line, so I am nearly with the walkers! I'm not worried about when I cross the line (that's what the microchip is for), but I am worried about the energy it will take to overtake literally 1000s of people running slower than me! The guy at the registration desk said just to talk to the 'pen marshals' and they should let me in, but I don't know if I can believe that and am stressing a bit. I was going to keep the 4hr pacer in view but they start in pen 5! Argh...oh well, at least I won't be able to start too fast!

Very un-nerved by the 'pee-mate',  don't want to tinkle on my tutu, 'nuff said...

Loads of bargains at the expo, and lots of samples of carbohydrate bars to be disgusted by. 

I was wearing flip flops, and didn't notice a the lip on a trainers stand, I tripped over and have bruised my toe, and opened the skin. Argh again. I had counted myself so lucky on the health front, cold germs banished by my marathon forcefield. Panicking again- panic seriously out of proportion with ailment, but with hours to go I am allowed a little drama, non?- I called my nurse cousin, who has advised Second Skin. Phew.

Packed my running belt with essentials, made a few lists and washed my running kit. Yes, I am excited now.

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